Hand to Mouth

misadventures in eating

“That looks disgusting! I’ll have two.”

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I’m a believer in the No Stomach Parasite Shall Defeat Me! school of dining and travel, two things which I spend most of my discretionary income on — and any that’s left over is obviously left to my excreable taste in entertainment (read: my Wall Street Journal subscription and my fascination with books about food, including but not limited to A Cook’s Tour, The Man Who Ate Everything, and obviously the best book ever written The Spice Book, which is about two decades out of print). But the point is, I’m going through my vacation photos from Europe now and all I can think is, “Oh, no, no, that stomach parasite totally defeated me. Dear God how it defeated me.”


Written by lshen

August 17, 2006 at 2:52 pm

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