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misadventures in eating

It was either that or an Alabama Slammer. Damn my dry campus.

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My drink of choice is a large skim chai latte with one or two shots of espresso in it — depending on how craptacular my day looks — known colloquially as a “tough guy.”  (I can always tell when turnover is high at the Daily Grind when I say “Large skim tough guy with an extra shot and light on the chai syrup” and only get a blank, deadened expression of panic on their faces.  I’m a helpful person by nature, that’s why I also add, “That’s going to be $4.10.”)  Pair it with a chocolate croissant, and you have something that is such a vicerally comfortable delight it’s hard to be pissed about anything.  Chai, in and of itself, is already wonderful for me, less harsh than coffee and wonderfully aromatic, and paired with the rich burn of esspresso and the cushion of faintly sweet, piping hot foamed milk?  Even if Lem The Best Barista In The World wasn’t pouring me a foam-white heart in the top of my tough guy every time I ordered it, I’d still love it with all my heart.

Last night my roommate wheeled her rolling deskchair into my room and we curled around the new laptop and watched Project Runway as she quilted (I’m not making this shit up) and I made incoherant noises and planned to spend 24 hours awake in Orange County.  We spent a lot of time batting around ideas for what I could do after 2 a.m. and why Jeffrey should lose Project Runway just because he’s a douchebag and why Vincent is mind-bogglingly creepy in every way.  We also discussed how if given half the chance we would thieve both Laura and Michael’s dresses and how I was going to cry because they’d taken away Project Runway’s only ray of light: Kaynebow.

So this morning, all misty and gray and surprisingly chilly for mid-September in the N.C., I went to Friendly’s Cafe — which, though it tries hard, did not have Lem The Best Barista Ever or make a heart in my latte foam — and got a tough guy and a chocolate croissant and came to work, closed my palms around the white paper cup, and breathed.


Written by lshen

September 15, 2006 at 11:38 am

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  1. great idea\’r!


    January 19, 2007 at 11:59 am

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