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Seattle Food Diary #1: “Eating local. Literally.”

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Most places have a food personality: the South has its hot oils and crisp skins, its savory and rich; China has its fresh and fast and green, with sweet and salt blending on the tongue; and now Seattle. We’re still feeling one another out.

My first real Seattle gastronomy experiment was at Eva’s, a Greenlake restaurant with a focus on local ingredients and flavors and a killer champagne cocktail called an Eva’s Special, introduced to me by my wonderful dining companion J.

I forget the exact makeup of the drink but there was a sugar cube at the bottom of the flute: sweet with a bite and just enough of a reverb of liquor bitter — utterly delicious. At just over $8 a glass, very much the chosen drink of the evening in what looked like a wonderful wine list to begin with — plus, with tons of reasonably-priced half-bottles.

We followed that up with an organic green salad with paper-thin pear and mozzarella slices and a wonderful red wine vinaigrette — good but not good enough to pursue it at the restaurant. It was a great, light counterpoint to the following course, but at around $7, it wasn’t that much more amazing than anything I could put together in you know, a plastic tin out of the local Whole Foods.

J. elected to have an asparagus tart after the waitress informed her the mussels were demolished for the evening, and it was gorgeous with a pile of watercress on top. I resisted the urge to just dig my fork across the table and steal all of her food. But! I think honestly? I got the best dish in that restaurant that night, and not just because I got to say “Yamhill County pork loin”:

It’s a seared pork loin perched on top of a rouget of fennel and salt pork with two grilled pieces of fennel on top of a spring pea puree — utterly divine. As I just told my roommate, “I want to go back there right now and eat like, four of them.”

Oh, and to top it all off: chocolate Guinness cake served with a shot of whiskey — amazing.

Dinner at Eva’s was unquestionably excellent but it can get to be kind of a pricey proposition given that most of the drinks will run you anywhere between $7-$12 a glass, half bottles are anywhere between $22-42, and while all the entrees are under $25 and deserts under $10, add that all up with tip and our dinner ran the two of us about $100 — a great romantic date restaurant, or you know, for neighborhood friends.


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June 14, 2007 at 5:06 am

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  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic


    December 20, 2007 at 8:13 am

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